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Gets + Wants
Blue <3
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Finally achieved a Shinning Raichu<3 Love it.
I have a question about how much that Jasmine's Steelix is worth. I feel I overpaid on it.

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For the Sabrina TCG collection.

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For my collection of Light TCG.

For my collection of older Dark TCG.

And my Black 2. I had the choice between the White Kyurem and Black Kyurem, I went with White despite getting B2.


I collect Raichu TCG, Light TCG, older Dark TCG, Sabrina's/Misty's/Erika's Pokemon cards, Magma & Aqua TCG. So if you have any of those, link me.

N64 Expansion Pack

Some wants.
Blue &lt;3
Here we go.Collapse )

Cards collection
Blue &lt;3
Now it's my cards' turn.
My previous collection is posted to my journal, if interested. c:

I don't have too many cards, nor do I have buckets of super great ones.
But nontheless, I still enjoy them. I've begun collecting TCG cards just last year.
I'm not basing my collection necessarily on what's the most rare, but rather the cards I enjoy!
I love me some cutesy artsy cards.
I do have some awesome cards that aren't all about the cuteness though, you should definitely look.

This image dump is heavier than a SnorlaxCollapse )

Blue &lt;3
Hello! My name is Kendra.
I've been lurking in this community for a while, due to starting Pokemon collecting, and I feel that it'll be a great place for me.
I've got a small collection already, with a recent amazing GET (pictures underneath cut). But since I'm just beginning my collection, it is indeed small.
I've enjoyed Pokemon all my life, it's been something very dear to my heart and I will forever love it.
I'm 18, I live with my boyfriend of 3 years who I am in a joint collection with for N64 games and Nintendo stuff right now.
My favourite Pokemon are Raichu and Scolipede. I also have mini-favourites that are changed every once and a while.
I do not only have a love of Pokemon, but I also love Hamtaro, Digimon, stingrays, and Studio Ghibli. I love many types of anime and manga.

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